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IEC will constantly endeavor to delight its target group through excellence in service delivery and achieve worldwide recognition. To be a centre of excellence for quality education, where old ideas are challenged and new concepts nurtured, to be a seat of world class education from where Technocrats and Managers would emerge empowered to face the challenges of ever changing society with courage, convictions and compassion.


To enhance mutual wealth both in quality and value terms by continually works with an individual for more than fifteen years on average. It begins with the informal childhood learning at our Kindergarten and culminates into a Graduation/Post-Graduation degree for the individual. IEC also aims in providing state of the art education and to reach out to the masses of a magnitude that are yet deprived of basic as well as computer education. The captive fifteen plus years’ time span that an individual spends at IEC provides us with the opportunity to create mutual wealth both in quality and value terms

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